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Landscape Future




13th Aug 2011 - 12th Feb 2012

Nevada Museum of Art

Talk to Me




24th July - 7th Mar 2011

The Museum of Modern Art in New York(MoMA)

Digital Survival [lecture]




24th April 2011

Former Rissei primary school in Kyoto

あそびのつくりかた [workshop]


organized by DESIGNCO



12th Mar - 13th Mar 2011




Exhibit Animal Superpowers


29th Jan - 20th Mar 2011

Art Center Pasadena, CA

the New Market



30th Oct - 3rd Nov 2010




>the New Market




30th Oct

Dictionaly Club





Desing Lounge


3rd Oct 2010





佐藤雅彦ディレクション "これも自分と認めざるをえない"展

"The Difinition of Self" Directed by Masahiko Sato


展示作品「覗かれ穴」 Exhibit 'Peeping Hole'


16th July - 3rd Nov 2010

21_21 DESIGN SITE, Tokyo Midtown



Lift 10 "Demo:Mode"


Talk and Exhibit 'Animal Superpowers'


5th - 7th May 2010


Rue de Varembé 17, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland


>Lift 10


Forkshop "Make a Pixel Factory"


1st - 2nd Nov 2009

東京都写真美術館 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography




Direct Digital 2009


Exhibit 'Time Scanner'


29th May - 28th June 2009

Modena, Italy


>Direct Digital

Sensory Cocktails (Yutaka Inagawa Solo Exhibition)


Video projection


4th June - 5th July 2009

Gallery Zandari

370-12 Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea


>Yutaka Inagawa

>Gallery Zandari

恵比寿映像際 Ebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions


Exhibit 'Emotoscope'


20th Feb - 1st Mar 2009

東京都写真美術館 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography




Seoul Design Olympiad 2008



29th Oct - 30th Nov 2008

Jamsil Sports Complex

Seoul, Korea



>Seoul Design Festival

Electrical Fantasista


Exhibit 'Pixel Factory' and 'Emotoscope'


18th Jul - 6 Aug 2008

ZAIM annex

Yokohama Kanagawa, JAPAN


>Electrical Fantasista

Royal College of Art SHOW 08


- Show 2 -

24th June - 4 July 2008

Royal College of Art

Kensington Gore London UK



>RCA Design Interactions

Chris & Tibor at TRANOI HOMME - PARIS

(Corrabolation with Yutaka Inagawa)

Interactive video installation


26th June - 21 July 2008

Palais De La Bourse

Place De La Bourse, 75002


>Chris & Tibor

This Happened


Talk 'Animal Superpowers'


4th March 2008

Roxy Bar & Screen

128-132 Borough High Street London SE1 1LB


>This Happened...

RCA MA Design Interactions Work in Progress Show


Exhibit'Animal Superpowers'


29th - 7th February 2008

Royal College of Art

Kensington Gore SW7 2EU


>RCA Design Interactions

DesignTide in Tokyo 2007


Exhibit 'Pixel Factory' and 'Delay Mirror'


31 Oct - 4 Nov 2007

National Olympic Stadium

Tokyo Japan



Pick'n Mix


Exhibit 'Time Scanner'


6th June 2007

Corsica Studio

Elephant Road London SE17 1LB


>pat and trevor

Pat and Trevor feat. Dandi Wild


Exhibit 'Time Scanner'


14th April 2007


The Mall London SW1Y 5AH


>pat and trevor

93 Feet East


Exhibit 'Delay Chair'


11th February 2007

93 Feet East

150 Brick Lane London E1 6QL


>pat and trevor

RCA MA Design Interactions Work in Progress Show


'Exhibit 'Emotoscope'


24th - 31st January 2007

Royal College of Art

Kensington Gore SW7 2EU


>RCA Design Interactions



Video installations in collabotation with Yutaka Inagawa


25th October 2006

43 South Molton St.




Truck Nine


Animations in collabotation with Yutaka Inagawa


22nd July 2006

Steventon Oxfordshire


>Truck Festival

London College of Communication BA Graphic and Media Design Summer Show 2006


Exhibit 'Pixel Factory', 'Delay Chair' and 'Sound Wood'


29th June - 8th July 2006

London College of Communication



>BA Interactivedesign


An exhibition showcasing Illustration and Interactive Design from over 40 graduates of the London College of Communication


22 - 25th June 2006

Oxo Tower Wharf

Bargehouse Street,

South Bank, London SE1 9PH

Cybersonica 2006


atoyfactory exhibit a newest work 'EtchASound' to Cybersonica 2006


8th - 26th May 2006

Phonica Records

51 Poland Street, Soho, London W1F 7NG




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