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Etch A Sound (2006)


EtchASound is an installation inspired by the world famous toy Etch-A-Sketch. By interacting with EtchASound audiences can have the unique experience of drawing with their own voice.


First the user creates a 2 dimensional image in real time with his or her voice, and after a few moments the computer converts this into a 3 dimensional drawing. Then when you wear anaglyph glasses (3d red and cyan glasses) users can see in real space the drawing that you have created.


The user's voice is input through four microphones. Volume controls the vertical and the horizontal variables. Pitch controls the depth. Therefore by using nothing but your voice you create a 3d drawing.


Voice is one of our most defining characteristics, we can usually recognise a person just by his or her voice. In addition, in this project we aim to let people discover a new and creative application for their voice, namely drawing. The artist usually uses his hand to draw, but in EtchASound our voice plays the role of the hand.

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